Our Services

Dutch Property Management provides quality service for the Mount Snow Valley. We specialize in the representation and management of condominium associations to meet all their needs. We will work closely with you to ensure all services are completed to your satisfaction and are on or under budget.

Property Maintenance -- Dutch Property Management uses only high quality contractors and oversees all work including landscaping, snow removal, trash removal, and firewood to provide individual service. All common areas will be kept well lit and clean.

Property Management -- Administration and accounting will be handled professionally and we will always be accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We are experienced with by-laws, rules and regulations, soliciting bids, overseeing contractors, and budgeting. We will work closely with your Board of Directors to facilitate homeowners meetings, to meet your administrative needs and help ensure your financial stability and growth.

Pricing Structure

The fee structure is all-inclusive with no hidden fees for the association or individual homeowner.  Dutch Property Management will negotiate an annual fee for the specific services needed.  We believe the condominium association should know exactly where their money is spent, to keep budgets in line.  There are no additional charges for entry into units for basic maintenance or to address simple problems during business hours.  Additional repairs and home improvements may be arranged individually by the homeowner to provide estimates and be sure they are satisfied with work being done.